Rolf Rudin is one of those composers who lives in two time frames at once. He is firmly rooted in the German legacy of the past but writes music that presents traditional values wrapped in modernity. His work is epic yet approachable. He is what I like to think of as a broad stroke painter of sound. Rolf's music is engaging and never fails to enhance the soul while elevating the spirit. He is a truly unique voice and his writing for winds broadens the repertoire in a most important way.

Eugene Corporon, zitiert aus "A Composer's Insight", Vol. 5, Meredith Music Publications, December 2010

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Rolf Rudin has become the premier wind composer for wind band in Germany...His style displays a great sense of both economy and balance, as he works with limited numbers of musical gestures in an almost unlimited way.

Dr. Thomas Hunt, zitiert aus einem Programmheft der Ohio Northern University am 14. Februar 2010

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Of the German Composers who deserves being taken seriously and who have presented works for wind band in the last decade, Rolf Rudin is certainly the most interesting ... An always striking feature of his compositions no matter whether simple or difficult, written in a rather traditional or uncompromisingly avantgarde style is his sense of form and his deep musicality. The pieces are always well scored with special attention to the percussion section.

WINDS, Autumn 1998


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Although by no means restricting himself to this medium Rolf Rudin can be regarded as the most interesting serious German composer for wind band. With more than thirteen compositions of high quality in eight years he is certainly one of the most diligent authors.

WINDS, Summer 1998


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Rolf Rudin established a place for himself in the international music scene at a very young age.

Carnegie Hall, Stagebill, 5/1998


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Rolf Rudin is one of the most significant composers writing for the wind band medium in Europe today ...

BASBWE Conference News, Manchester, 4/1998

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Rolf Rudin is an experienced composer, with several large-scale choral and orchestral works handled by Bote & Bock, Presser (now Boosey & Hawkes / Bote & Bock) and other major agents.

WASBE Newsletter,1996

Some Reviews

Musically the center piece of this CD is Rolf Rudin's very powerful and exciting »Bacchanale«.

WASBE Newsletter XIII/4/1998

Die Druiden – Druids

The most worthy new composition was »Die Druiden«. In his fourth work for symphonic band, Rudin has developed his ability to create  huge nature scenes without referring to old aesthetic rules of program music.
WINDS, 9/1994

... terrific music ...great new sounds and colors ... without being trite like so many new composers ... the hit of the evening!
Washington State University, Pullman, 24.10.1998

Lied ohne Worte – Song without Words
Rolf Rudin is one of the most significant composers writing for the wind band medium in Europe today ... The repertoire is desperately short of slow, sensitive music, but in this piece Rudin has achieved a fetching simplicity.
BASBWE Conference News, Manchester, 4/1998

The new concerto has been hailed to become one of the most  important new euphonium concerti in the instrument's history., November 2007

... a very challenging piece of modern music ... a demonstration of the true capability of the euphonium in the hands of a virtuoso performer.
The Brass, November 2007

... this is more than just another concerto, but marks a major landmark in the repertoire for solo euphonium and orchestra., November 2007

This wonderful work has already been rated by those heard the world premiere ... as perhaps our greatest ever work for euphonium and orchestra. To say it is demanding is an understatement, as its complex solo part is quite extraordinary in its demands, but it is also enjoyable by the audience at first hearing. The hushed finale at the Stuttgart premiere had the capacity audience holding its breath and some of the incredible technique and range moments in the central movement had them shaking their heads in disbelief.
www., Februar 2009

This concerto by the German composer Rolf Rudin is rated by experts to be perhaps the most fearsome in the euphonium repertoire and has already been rated by those heard the world premiere by Steve in 2007 as perhaps our greatest ever work for euphonium and orchestra., 12.3.2009

It (the Hallows Concerto) has such depth and intensity and pushes me right to my limits. Rolf's work will stand the test of time and should be one of the ultimate goals of any professional euphonium player.
Steven Mead -, März 2009

... indeed incredible music, of real intensity, with dramatic moments almost unrivalled in our existing concerti., June 2010

Out of Nowhere
Rolf Rudin's »Out of Nowhere« is an atmospheric work which conjures up images of swirling mists and mysticism. Rudin's orchestration used the softer tones of the orchestra to excellent effect and the players coped well with the continued phrases moving through different parts of the orchestra. A vocal drone created a magical, spine tingling effect and solos from flute and cor anglais were well played. A Shostakovich-style piano entry changed the mood into an almost tribal section, with the music building dramatically to use the full force of the players. Once again, there there were some excellent moments both from soloist and from the ensemble as a whole, and this was a highly succesful performance.
Music Web International's Worldwide Concert and Opera reviews: Carla Rees about the UK Premiere on April 9, 2009 in London - Cadogan-Hall

...atmospheric ... a very striking work.,15.3.2009